Movie Review: Blended (2014)

Plot synopsis: After a bad blind date, a man
(Adam Sandler) and woman (Drew
Barrymore) find themselves
stuck together at a resort for families, where
their attraction grows as their respective kids
benefit from the burgeoning relationship.
Runtime: 1 hour, 57 minutes
Rated: PG-13 (for crude and sexual content, and
 Director: Frank Coraci
Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Wendi
Frustratingly paced and full of the same loathsome junk we've been hating in Sandler movies for the last few years, the inordinate amount of affection put into this crap by its two very well-established leads could be considered somewhat disturbing in and of itself.

The film feels more like a romance than a comedy, and since it certainly isn't funny, this would have been an improvement, assuming some talent existed somewhere in the creative process of the film. But we didn't get that lucky.

If the singing showmen in the background of most every other scene doesn't get to you, then perhaps the nonsensical screenplay will. There are no surprises here and everything is as predictable as the description and trailer make it out to be.

Every now and then, stars begin appearing in movies while coasting on their star power alone. This is nothing new for Sandler movies, with Sandler, Barrymore, and Kevin Nealon refusing to give us much of anything we want. But somehow, this one isn't one of Sandler's worst flicks.

Yes, it's another bad Adam Sandler movie, proving once again that the genius of Sandler is officially dead.