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Movie Review: The Losers (2010)
Spoilers: none


The Losers is about five accomplished secret military operatives who go undercover to take down a druglord when there mission is hijacked by a mysterious CIA figurehead known as "Max." Double-crossed and declared dead, these five brave men are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives, struggling to regain some semblance of happiness.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who kept reminding me a little too much of comedian Richard Lewis throughout) plays "Clay," the alpha dog in charge of four top mercenaries, each with their respective responsibilities and talents. Audiences will dig "Jensen" (Chris Evans), "Roque" (Idris Elba), "Pooch" (Columbus Short), and "Cougar" (Óscar Jaenada) as much as "Max" (Jason Patric), one of the most memorably funny film villains in quite some time.

Director Sylvain White brings a comic book-style story with expressive tunes filtered in and an undeniably heavy layer of cross-culture vibe. The lighting may take some getting used to, but this is one incredibly well-constructed flick that exponentially builds interest the longer you watch. The superbly incorporated story elements are not one lick behind the sturdy script that stands ready to impress.

Experience South America, drugs, drug dealers, covert operatives, and a lucky dashboard-mounted chihuahua in Jack Bauer-style special ops action. It's the A-Team made over in a stylish shoot 'em up, lubricated with loose-but-dry humor, tons of action sequences, and a story that makes you hunger for more. Who needs the slick genius of Hannibal or the nutty charm of Murdock when you've got this sprightly crew?



Grade: A- (4 stars) Recommended!
Rated: PG-13 (for sexual suggestiveness, language, and violence)
Director: Sylvain White
Summary: After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root out those who targeted them for assassination.
Starring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan "Clay," Zoe Saldana "Aisha," Chris Evans "Jensen," Idris Elba "Roque," Columbus Short "Pooch," Óscar Jaenada "Cougar," Jason Patric "Max," Holt McCallany "Wade"
Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller


  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Reminds you of Richard Lewis.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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