A Smoky Hotel Hell

Two weeks ago was a turning point for me, as it was the end of a living situation nightmare that made the whole month of September an exceedingly miserable time.

As I write, I'm sitting in a pearl white recliner at home in San Antonio, that place that has the sometimes taken-for-granted benefit of a city-wide smoking ban in all businesses, something the Dallas/Ft. Worth area needs to get and enforce. I'm presently sucking down a 44 oz sweet tea and getting caught up on some writing as the fourth heap of clothes dries.

Why all these clothes? Because I had to wash every garment and blanket I own to get the smoke smell out that was put there by gaunt, leather-faced, saggy-forearmed, red-nosed, denture-wearing, baggy-eyed, dirty, unkempt, white-trash pieces of shit who made it a practice to smoke INSIDE their apartments instead of stepping outside, like a normal person getting their tobacco fix.

I never found out who they are, but I couldn't have done anything about it if I had. The place where I lived allowed smoking in the building, and that made my already bleak existence an even more enraged and bitter one...until two weeks ago when I got my ass out of Dodge!

I can't reproduce it here as it is an Associated Content Exclusive. Read the full story HERE.

P.S. If you smoke in your apartment, I'm telling you to go fuck yourself for being inconsiderate of every non-smoker in your building who is exposed to the offensive 4,000+ chemicals that make smoking bans a needful thing to enforce.

Fuck you for every couch you've ever ruined and every wall that had to be repainted on account of your nasty, stinking, nicotine-craving ass! Take your shit outside! Get it away from us!



  1. Hey, Joe, glad to hear things are going so much better.

    I can't stand tobacco smoke either, at least not in an enclosed area. It does get into everything.

  2. Crazy thing about the gaunt, leatherfaced, saggy forearmed, rednosed, denture wearing..........
    there probably about 15 years old.

    P.S. The best Ice Tea in the world is from San Antonio. I wish I had some.

    later, feeno

  3. I adore tea.

    Peach Diet Snapple is my absolute fav.

  4. As much as it pains me to admit it, yes, Feeno, they might have been 15 years old. What would I ever do without your insights?

    Does SA have the market cornered on tea? I didn't know that, but Bill Miller BBQ tea sho is good as hell.


  5. Grace
    I adore you, but.............
    Peach Diet Snapple isn't tea.

    Yes. and it's not even close. Texas, especially the San Antonio area has the best of all food and beverages in the land. I used to wear out Henry's Taco's on Nogalitas. Tommy's fish. La Canasta. Piernas Negras. And always washed it back with some good ole Texas sweet tea. Ahh yes, Bill Miller's, a must for me and the Mrs. when we went to town. Unless we passed a Taco Cabana?

    Late, feeno

  6. Whaatt!! C'mon, you can't diss my Peach Diet Snapple. :(

    Love ya, anyway. ((Feeno.))

    But, what makes this tea so great in Texas?? Somethin in the water??

  7. I had no idea the tea was that great in Texas. I just know I sweeten mine (heavily) and gulp it down. I take regular black only, none of that feminine fruity stuff!

    Best food too--can't be the Mexican goodies! I fucking hate the north because it sucks up here.


  8. I've only been through Texas once, on my way to Mexican, and Central America. Believe it or not we drove down the whole way from the east, to study the Mayan ruins in Tikal in Guatamela. Visited some NW archaeology sites in Mexico, also.

    This was while I was still in school. Mucha years ago.

    But, I can definitely remember that Texas stretched on for..ever!! It is a huge state. Honestly, I thought we would never get out of there. Darn, if I had only known about this "texas tea."

    More recently, my son was in basic training with the national guard near SA. He's told me all about the riverwalk, and the awesome food.

    Hope you get to stay there, Joe.

    I don't know exactly what kind of work you do, but you strike me as someone who should be working as a rhetoric, or maybe a philosophy/religion university professor, with plenty of opportunities to publish.:)


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