How does the rating system work?

A+ (4 stars) = Recommended. Immaculate, excellent, a must-see.

Movies of this caliber are rare, being masterfully done and as close as is possible to "flawless."

A- = Recommended.

A great, well-done movie that you should definitely see. Maybe it wasn't genre-redefining material. Maybe it wasn't oscar-winning, but it was superb nonetheless.

B+ (3 1/2 stars) = Recommended.

Aside from a few flaws, it's pretty good and worth seeing.

B- (3 stars) = Decent.

Maybe it'll float your boat and maybe it won't. Just depends on your taste.

C+ (2 1/2 stars) = Decent.

Average with a few good attributes. You won't hate it, but don't expect it to be particularly memorable.

C- (2 stars) = Hopelessly average.

No real redeeming qualities about it. An almost - if not complete - waste of time.

D+ (1 1/2 stars) = Viewer beware!

Pretty bad and certainly less than average. Will leave a bad taste in your mouth when you leave the theatre.

D- (1 star) = Viewer beware!

Pretty bad and then some! You've seen worse movies, but not that many.

F (0 stars) = Awful, a complete flop, a failure in it's genre and every other area as well.

A torturous and horrible film that is sure to make you regret seeing it. Viewer beware!!! A movie with this rating is almost guaranteed to rape your soul!