About Joe

Joe E. Holman is a Gen-Xer with a unique career path, having been a minister, a car salesman (much the same thing), a writer, and business manager with a speciality in corporate Loss Prevention and HR Risk Management.

A risk manager by day and angry film critic by night, Joe has been frothing at the mouth over cinema since 2002, and in that time, has amassed a decent viewership across different sites.

In 2002, Joe wrote "Laws for Living: A Collection of Facts, Tips, and Truths for Everyday Life." And in 2003, his first real claim to Z-list celeb status came from defecting from Christian fundamentalism and writing a book about it (the now out-of-print "Project Bible Truth").

In 2013, his weight loss of 173 lbs in 11 months became the new thing, with a YouTube channel, OMAD Revolution, set up to tell the story and show you how to drop weight sensibly. Joe's often somber siren songs of wisdom come from many sources and are often rooted in dark origins.

In a way, Joe is the wannabe villain, but hero despite himself. He ultimately finds himself amidst the chaos. And the final chapter for Joe...well, it hasn't been written yet!