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Joe E. Holman is a former Church of Christ minister of nine years whose first claim to Z-list celebrity status was having defected from his faith to become an atheist after years of preaching for four different fundamentalist churches in Texas. His second was having lost 173 lbs in 11 months by eating once a day. As a newspaper columnist, editor, and English Major, Joe briefly owned and operated his own editing/writing company in the early 2000s before it went the way of the economy.

Joe is a graduate of Austin's Southwest Biblical Institute ('97) and is the author of two books, the now out-of-print Laws for Living: An Assortment of Facts, Tips, Truths, and Observations from Everyday Life (2002) and his more current book Project Bible Truth: A Minister Turns Atheist and Tells All (2008).

Divorced since 2005, Joe dedicates most of his time to another career by day, as well as to journalistic/freelance writing endeavors and helping others reclaim their health, but the rest of the time to his long-time passion of movie reviewing. In 2008, Joe founded Holman’s Movie to make his years of experience as an English major, a freelance business writer, and ghostwriter available on the internet. From being a behind-the-scenes talent in creating various How-tos and film reviews, Joe continues to subject others to his written whims. Since then, he has developed a decent readership with this, his current site.

Who would have thought that so many years in the early 1990s watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 would help prime him for a film-obsessed future? Joe continues - to this very day - expanding his articulate and creative platform for heralding the cynically-charged and sometimes demented diatribes on big and low-budget films that pass as reviews.

Joe is like a cross between the late Roger Ebert, Michael Medved, and the late Pauline Kael; that is, Joe appreciates and excels at literary excellence while angrily leaning a little bit politically to the right, but with an insatiable gift for being inappropriately descriptive. Joe happens also to believe that combining buttery movie popcorn with Mr. Pibb in every theater should be in the Constitution somewhere.

Joe reviews a hundred or so movies per year (give or take), including DVD releases and independent films, and privately-funded ghostwriting endeavors. Joe centers, not just on constructive elements like film criticism, but on skepticism as it relates to works of the big screen. Analytical or angry, sarcastic or skeptical, the featured attractions of Joe's writing style waxes and wanes in morphing uniqueness, resulting in an unusual-but-uncanny clarity.

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When Jesus Turns Down the Glory: 10 Worst Ever Christian Songs

It’s a sad testimony when even the creator of a thing realizes that the product isn’t what it was intended to be. Well, actually it’s a good thing. It just doesn’t happen often enough. The Christian music industry is, shall we say, not up to par with where its admirers (and even creators and ardent well-wishers) would hope it would be. And when even the average believer realizes that their music is not market-cornering stuff, all should know that there is a problem.

Now not all Christian music sucks (you might even find a few rock songs from artists like Petra on Joe Holman’s ipod that he still sometimes listens to and enjoys), but what makes the stuff that does suck suck is that what sucks sucks for a number of different reasons. We begin the countdown going from best of the worst to absolute worst...

The Top 5 Most Powerful Beings in Sci-fi (Part I of II)

It’s a subject that is rarely tackled in any form outside of random questions on a message board, but here we will devote a sensible examination of it. Who – what – is the most powerful being anywhere in every realm of sci-fi or fantasy ever dreamt up by a finite human being? I’ve been contemplating this subject since I was 8 years old. At 39, it hasn’t left my mind. That means several things; (1) I’m a fucking geek. (2) I’ve invested enough of my life pondering this for it to qualify as an obsession.

As with all “Most” anything lists, we are faced with several problems, one of them being limited source material. A couple of these only made one or two brief appearances somewhere and that is all we have to go by. But sometimes, those situations let our imaginations go into overdrive and give us even more creative fun. The mystery tends to add to the experience of contemplation.

The Top 5 Most Powerful Beings in Sci-fi (Part II of II)

#1) The Douwds – From Star Trek The Next Generation

Claim to fame: This Douwd went from pacifist to mass murderer of 50 billion in a single moment of anger. He appears to hold the record for most murders in all of sci-fi.
Abilities: Just about unlimited.
Nature: True immortals.

Our winner, debatably edging out number #2, is a mysterious race of beings called the Douwds. We only get to meet one of their kind in a single episode (#51, season 3 - see the condensed version here) called “The Survivors.” It was one of the very best of any season. What little we know of this illusive race “of disguises and false surroundings” only adds to our fascination with them.

When the Enterprise gets an urgent distress call from a federation colony on Delta Rana IV about an attacking alien warship, they head over as fast as they can, but they are days away. By the time they arrive, it is too late. All are dead and the planet has been literally leveled…with the sole exception of one house and the small pa…