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Spaces are available for text-link ads and banner ads. Rates are per month, per six months, and per year.

Option 1: Text-links only or supply your own banner--.jpg files or html, but no larger than 185 (width) by 600 (height) for side ads, or 468 (width) by 60 (height) for bottom ads...

1 month (exactly 31 days): $45.00 US
6 month (exactly 180 days): $150.00 US
1 year (exactly 365 days): $295.00 US

Ads appear on either side or bottom of every page. Ads will remain in place at all times and be visible to all, but I reserve the right to move them around at my discretion.

Option 2: Banner ads (my design). The following rates apply if you agree to have my web designer design a simple button or banner with your business details for you. Professionally designed banners get more attention than simple text ads. 

1 month (exactly 31 days): $75.00 US
6 month (exactly 180 days): $350.00 US
1 year (exactly 365 days): $695.00 US

Preferred content: DVDs, movies, reviews, pop culture and related news or merchandise, services, etc.
Acceptable content: all other general public sales and marketing.
Prohibited content: adult, hacking, hate groups, spam, illegal services, etc.

Payment will be made through Paypal. Payments are non-refundable.


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It’s a sad testimony when even the creator of a thing realizes that the product isn’t what it was intended to be. Well, actually it’s a good thing. It just doesn’t happen often enough. The Christian music industry is, shall we say, not up to par with where its admirers (and even creators and ardent well-wishers) would hope it would be. And when even the average believer realizes that their music is not market-cornering stuff, all should know that there is a problem.

Now not all Christian music sucks (you might even find a few rock songs from artists like Petra on Joe Holman’s ipod that he still sometimes listens to and enjoys), but what makes the stuff that does suck suck is that what sucks sucks for a number of different reasons. We begin the countdown going from best of the worst to absolute worst...

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As with all “Most” anything lists, we are faced with several problems, one of them being limited source material. A couple of these only made one or two brief appearances somewhere and that is all we have to go by. But sometimes, those situations let our imaginations go into overdrive and give us even more creative fun. The mystery tends to add to the experience of contemplation.

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