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Spaces are available for text-link ads and banner ads. Rates are per month, per six months, and per year.

Option 1: Text-links only or supply your own banner--.jpg files or html, but no larger than 185 (width) by 600 (height) for side ads, or 468 (width) by 60 (height) for bottom ads...

1 month (exactly 31 days): $45.00 US
6 month (exactly 180 days): $150.00 US
1 year (exactly 365 days): $295.00 US

Ads appear on either side or bottom of every page. Ads will remain in place at all times and be visible to all, but I reserve the right to move them around at my discretion.

Option 2: Banner ads (my design). The following rates apply if you agree to have my web designer design a simple button or banner with your business details for you. Professionally designed banners get more attention than simple text ads. 

1 month (exactly 31 days): $75.00 US
6 month (exactly 180 days): $350.00 US
1 year (exactly 365 days): $695.00 US

Preferred content: DVDs, movies, reviews, pop culture and related news or merchandise, services, etc.
Acceptable content: all other general public sales and marketing.
Prohibited content: adult, hacking, hate groups, spam, illegal services, etc.

Payment will be made through Paypal. Payments are non-refundable.

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