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Top 5 Casino Scenes in Movies

Casinos are a popular movie theme, and some great movies have featured them as well as some not so great ones. Some online casinos like JackpotCity have games inspired by movies as well, as the two constantly influence each other. Here is a selection of some of the best ones, in fact those that we consider to be the top 5 casino movie scenes ever.

Indecent Proposal
Perhaps it is not everybody’s ideal of a great casino movie, but there are several interesting casino scenes in Adrian Lyne’s movie starring Demi Moore, Robert Redford, and Woody Harrelson. If you have forgotten the theme, it is all about Robert Redford paying Demi Moore a million dollars for the privilege of sleeping with her and the effect that it has on her marriage to Woody Harrelson. The best scene is the craps scene when Redford has placed a huge bet on the craps table and gets Moore to throw the dice. She needs an 11, and that is what she gets, but not before kissing the dice seductively. 

The movie 21 is about a card counting team made up of students from the MIT. They use team card counting to identify when the deck is hot and then signal to high roller players to come to the table and start placing big bets. The best scene is when the Jim Sturgess character Ben Campbell gets drunk and angry and continues betting when he should have stopped.

Casino Royale
There are many casino scenes in James Bond films and they all have a magic charm, but probably the best one is the climatic final poker hand where Bond hits the best possible hand and wins over $100million. Slow rolls aside, this is excellent cinema even if rubbish poker.

Rounders became for a while a cult movie amongst poker fans during the high days of the poker bubble. Released in 1998 and directed by John Dahl, the film told the story of two friends, played by Matt Damon and Edward Norton who are hoping to make some serious money playing Texas Hold’em. Probably the best scene is the one in which Matt Damon's character spots KGB's tell, and calls – very atmospheric. 

The casino scene in Maverick takes place on a steam boat. A poker tournament is in progress and much cheating and intrigue is afoot. Probably the best scene is the one in which Maverick, played by Mel Gibson, eliminates Mrs Bransford from the tournament by calling her when he just has a small pair of sixes. Mrs Bransford is all-in with no hand, and is angry that she has been eliminated. He points out that she had stopped breathing, a sure tell, as when she got excited she usually breathes heavily. 


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