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Movie Review: The Devil Inside (2012)

The Devil Inside is as tormented a movie as its demon-possessed subjects are. It assumes the form of (yet another) mockumentary about a woman named “Maria Rossi” (Suzan Crowley) who committed murders at the end of the 1980s during an exorcism and was institutionalized before being inexplicably sent to Rome and held by the Vatican.

Why are they holding this woman in Rome? That's what her daughter wants to know. An interested “Isabella Rossi” (Fernanda Andrade) sets out to investigate what she has been in the dark about since her early childhood. She travels to Rome and meets two young priests, “Father Ben Rawlings” (Simon Quarterman) and “Father David Keane” (Evan Helmuth).

With the church not agreeing to perform an exorcism or even discuss the Rossi Case, the two priests and Isabella begin to privately investigate matters. Upon doing so, they find that the reality of possession is much less hopeful than churches full of parishioners singing hymns would want to believe.

Even if a d…

Movie Review: Contraband (2012)

In Contraband, “Chris Farraday” (Mark Wahlberg) is a retired top-level smuggler who has put away playing the dangerous game for a life with a wife (Kate Beckinsale) and two kids. His brother-in-law, “Andy” (Caleb Landry Jones) who used to roll with him in those more fun and
dangerous times, is still living wild on his own.

When Andy puts himself $700,000 in debt by a failed cocaine delivery, Chris is compelled to come to his rescue by getting back into the business to square the debt with temperamental drug-dealing psychopathic ex-con, “Tim Briggs” (played very convincingly by new on-screen big name Giovanni Ribisi). 
But even for a pro like Farraday, this smuggling job will prove harder when trying to move foreign currency with the help of recruits in a corrupt circuit of Panama underworld criminals. With the safety of his family threatened, Farraday must look out for his own while delivering the goods in a network full of those who are waiting and ready to catch him.

Contraband is …

2011's Top 15 Best Films Round-up

2011 wasn't really a superb year for heart-stopping movies. We were entertained, made to cry and laugh, but we weren't shaken until dizzy from a dazzling array of cinema like we were in the last several years. C- seems to be the most common grade of the year, but we did have some jewels that stood out. Maybe some of your favorites made it here, or maybe they didn't. But good, bad, or indifferent, they break down like so...

#15) 30 Minutes or Less (B+)

A pizza delivery guy is kidnapped by two thugs and made to rob a bank or be blown up. It's not just the story in this old-school tribute to "buddy" comedies that is so darn tasty, but its uniquely picked cast and fine performances that feature great writing and bursting character development.

Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari give us more than a good time in a movie that knows how to serve up a great time.

#14) Horrible Bosses (B+)

Three friends get together and decide to kill their horrible bosses. Anyone who has e…

2011's Top 15 Worst Films Round-up

No year gets off without its share of stinker flicks...the bad, the really bad, and the ugly, those films that should never have seen the light of day. And while 2011 proved to be a year of average to lesser-than average films, it didn't have too many really big bombs. But the sad truth is that bad films do too often see the light of day, and at the cost of money paid for the tickets. 
So, in the spirit of trying to get that money back, we again pass out the awards for those works of suckitude unequalled in a 365-day period.

Searching meticulously, the list finally came together. We begin the countdown with...

#15) Immortals (D+)

In a perfect world, we wouldn't have movies that try and fail to be anything other than epic. But sometimes, all we have is a movie not quite epically bad, but just really bad. Immortals was one such film. Brought to us by the director of The Cell (1998), this high-budget hope-dasher just wasn't salvageable.

#14) Conan the Barbarian (D+)

Another cheesy …

Drive-Thru Review 2011 (August - December)

And finally, we bring 2011 to a welcomed close with the last of the fly-by reviews...

Grade: C- (2 stars)
Rated: PG-13 (for sequences of intense mixed martial arts fighting, some language, and thematic material)

Warrior stars Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy, two brothers who wind up renowned fighters going head to head in mixed martial arts. Their father, “Paddy” (Nick Nolte) is an alcoholic ex-fighter who is approached by his estranged son, “Tom” (Hardy) about being trained in the sport.

Warrior tries in more than a few ways to be Rocky, borrowing whole chapters from Rocky IV with a seemingly unbeatable Russian mixed martial arts champion and grim, street attitude, but a mixed martial arts Rocky movie this is not!

The direction the plot goes at the movie’s end is totally unbelievable. Its characters aren’t to the level of some well-loved sports dramas we’ve come to know, although the lead performances aren’t what is so disappointing.

Aside from Edgerton who puts on a fairly effective p…