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Short Films (4)

Film: The Plan
Fourplay Studios
Rated: No MPAA rating
Runtime: 13 minutes
Director: Daniel Falli
Currently going around the film festivals is a 13-minute horror film about one young man's internal battle as he recollects a fateful day from his past. 

Based in Israel where it was filmed, this silent movie with narration is a surreal look at mental turmoil and masochism, but with all too relevant social commentary on the reality of a young man rising up to serve a greater good. 

The symbolism is heavy, as is the body language exhibited by its two stars who play the lead character, "Ben" (Yahav Winner/Ben Boaz Tzur), but the film's artistically drenched settings, wonderful photography, and graphic reliving of memories represent all too perfectly the easily twisted fragility of the mind! This could be the best short film of 2012! 

Film: Write of Passage
Cinester Films
Rated: No MPAA rating
Runtime: 8:33
Director: B.C. Jones
Forget any preconceived notions you may have about a film where a man in a room with his typewriter and boos is frustratedly trying to churn out good content.

Now watch Write of Passage—just one page short of Twilight Zone mixed with the sense of humor you find in commercials for Mentos.
Watch it here.

Film: Dada
Cinester Films
Rated: No MPAA rating
Runtime: 12:46
Director: B.C. Jones
Dada is the cinematic threesome offspring of Benny Hill, Sherlock Holmes, and O Brother, Where art Thou?

Well, actually, it's a short film brought to life as a beautifully put-together tale of two gents trying to get back at the man who always outdoes them at everything. Dada is a remarkably unique and even brilliant comedy that makes us want to see a lot more stuff from B.C. Jones.



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