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Short Films (2)

Film: Pentecost
EMU Productions
No MPAA rating
Runtime: 11 minutes
Director: Peter McDonald
Holy images, the counting of beads, the preservation of the sacraments…what does it all mean…to you? Ask yourself that question—and then watch young Damian answer it in Pentecost.

This sports-fan boy is not the object of admiration in the eyes of his Catholic family and community as he is forced to be an altar boy in order to play sports. Is that by accident or because he is a “bad seed”? Watch and see. Get it here

Film: Raju
Hamberg Media School
No MPAA Rating
Runtime: 24 minutes
Director: Max Zahle
Raju is an absolutely captivating film about an Indian orphan named “Raju” who is adopted by a traveling German couple looking to make a difference in the life of one poor and unfortunate child. When Raju goes missing and they begin the search for him, what they find is beyond horrifying.

This is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen and it manages to be so while staying within the limits of what it can be said to accomplish as a short film. It never has time to do anything but make us want more. We are never bored or at rest in this gripping and stunningly well-done project. Get it Here

Film: West Bank Story
Quat Media
No MPAA rating
Runtime: 24 minutes
Director: Ari Sandel
West Bank Story is a spirited satirizing of Middle East conflict like you've never seen it done before. And who says the spirit of a Broadway play cannot be alive and well in a racially heated film? 

It concerns two feuding fast food restaurants – the Kosher King and the Hummus Hut – who, like their countries, are at war. But when a Muslim woman and a Jewish man fall in love, you never know what can happen.

This hilarious film is as full of life as it is humor in vividly created settings that only add to the priceless thematic humor. Get it here


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