Margery Pippin’s Son and the Value of Life at Conception

As newlyweds of only three months, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pippin turned in for bed for the night in their lovely home. It was here in Atlanta, Georgia that the couple met, attended church, fell in love, and eventually got married.

One night, Margery Pippin clasped her hands in prayer and urgently asked to speak with the Lord. Though her requests were declined many times, one special night the Lord saw fit to manifest Himself to her…

God: “I am the God you serve. I am here, Margery.”

Margery: “Oh Lord, is it really you?”

God: “Yes, Mary. It is I, your Savior and King. You have found favor as a chosen vessel to speak with Me. Your righteousness and faithfulness has been established before Me. Ask of Me what you will.”

Margery: “My spirit yearns to know what great things you have in store for me and my family. Just a glimpse of what is to come would be a great gift from You, oh Lord.”

God: “I will grant you what you ask.”

Margery: “What is this I am now seeing, Lord? I am seeing a dark-skinned man on an airplane. This nice, balding man looks Middle Eastern, but he is sitting beside me and acting as though he is with me. He is talking to me. What does this mean, Lord?”

God: “The vision is many years in the future. The dark-skinned man you are seeing is your future son, a great man who will be a vessel of light unto Me as you are. He will do many great things and lead many unto salvation as you have.” 

Margery: “I don’t understand, Lord. My husband Edward is white like I am. How can we have a Middle Eastern son? Do we adopt? Does this mean Edward will die or, heaven forbid, lose interest in me and desert me and I will marry a Middle Eastern man?”

God: “Surely you have noticed in our conservation that I’ve only mentioned you as My faithful servant. But I am God and must leave an element of mystery in your life, so I must command you to just trust Me on this one.”

Margery: “Okay, Lord, I trust you on the matter of Edward’s fate, although it disturbs me. But I must ask, how do I have a non-white son?”

God: “A few years from now, you will be violently raped in a parking garage, and you will conceive seed by the rapist. Because you know that life is sacred, you will not abort the child. You will bring him to term because you know the value of life at conception. And though it will be painful for the first few years to look into this precious child’s face and be reminded of that horrible encounter with the child’s wicked father, you will find him precious in your sight as you are in My sight.”

Margery: “….Uh…why? Why must things happen this way? Aren’t there better ways? You are God. You can do anything or arrange anything to happen any number of ways. And when will this happen? Does it happen at day or night? What parking garage? What city? Please, please tell me more!”

God: “Enough! I will reveal to you no more! You must follow in My path and not look to second-guest or prevent My Will now that you know it. It is not for man to guess the times or the seasons that the Father hath put in His own power, but to be faithful. Will you be faithful, Margery?”

Margery: “Ye, Ye…Yes…of course, Lord.”

God: “I already knew that, too, or I wouldn’t have revealed these things to you. But stay away from coat hangers just the same. And there is a man I want you to hook up with; his name is Eric Rudolph. Seek him out and learn his ways, for he doeth My Will.

Blessings shall come your way, My holy child, for being a righteous and pure earthen vessel. May your righteousness be a cloak and a shield – not from the perils of this world – but from temptation and pride. Go your way, but do My Will.



  1. God hates rape more than you do.

    Is Margery real?

    If so, what are her feelings?

    Could Margery still be grateful for her son?

    Sin is ugly, it causes many emotional problems along with the obvious physical ones.

    With out God we will never have true justice.

    I'm not gonna leave a bunch of sappy stories about people who lived lives in excruciating pain and or horrible circumstances that still managed to praise and worship God. I'm sure you've told a few from behind the pulpit?

    Plus, I don't think this is god's M.O.

    Late, feeno

  2. God hates rape, but apparently not enough to stop it... see Numbers 31:15-18. God has been known to command it.

    Many women died needlessly because your savage god made it a law that if a woman was found not to be a virgin on her consummation night, she should be stoned and burned.

    You really stepped in it here.

    Your god supposedly made us to reproduce sexually, but sexual reproduction is so warped and abused that the authorities must police the internet constantly to keep the pervos and pedos at bay.

    Was that how it was supposed to be? Of course not, but god knew it, and therefore, is responsible for it.


  3. Joe

    No where in that passage do I see where God would imply it's OK to rape anyone. As far as stopping every evil act, then why give us freewill?

    Should we outlaw all beer because we have drunks?

    Should we outlaw the Kentucky Derby because some people can't control their gambling habits?

    And now because we have some derelict sickos running around in trench coats you wanna outlaw sex?

    I wonder why Margery kept the baby?

    Later, feeno

  4. feeno said...

    No where in that passage do I see where God would imply it's OK to rape anyone.

    Joe: To kill a people to take their virgins and force them to have children by them is rape. There is not ONE single hint of condemnation in what Moses commanded the soldiers to do. Moses was God's spokesman, and he had not a single problem with the terrible acts. You see, people create gods like themselves. The type of man someone is determines the type of god he invents and serves. In this case, we have a perfect match.

    feeno: As far as stopping every evil act, then why give us freewill?

    Joe: That doesn't exist, but that's not the issue. Its possible to know something can be done and then to not allow it. The will is still "free" as you say, but does not have to mean an act must be followed through with. A father may stay up to stop his daughter from sneaking out with her unapproved boyfriend, but he waits up to catch her trying to go out. He doesn't just let her do it if he's a good dad.

    feeno: Should we outlaw all beer because we have drunks? Should we outlaw the Kentucky Derby because some people can't control their gambling habits? And now because we have some derelict sickos running around in trench coats you wanna outlaw sex?

    Joe: Not applicable. I'm not saying humans should take unreasonable steps; I'm saying the same steps are reasonable for God; he should have utilized his creating powers to make it so that "abuse" and "corruption" could never become issues.

    feeno: I wonder why Margery kept the baby?

    Joe: The same reason idiots bring their handicapped children to term and give them lives of disability--because they think their tyrant told them to. But it's just satire.


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  6. OK, but email me about something like that. No need to hijack the comments of another thread to spread your own message.


  7. Well, the father might, depending on the age of the daughter, and other circumstances.

    Sometimes, Joe, people need to experience the natural consequence of their actions before they can be open to genuine healing, and real help.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Yeah, they need to experience the natural consequence of their actions. That's a good reason to allow abusive parents--so that they can come to see the horror of their actions later in life. Just put on the back-burner the life-destroying suffering of the victims. Too bad for them, I guess!


  10. Well, I was thinking more of people that are experiencing drug, or alcohol addiction.

    Sometimes our efforts to help can actually become enabling.

    Or situations, where well-meaning parents are constantly bailing their kids out of trouble, and the young people are actually harmed more in the long-term by never being permitted to experience the natural consequence of their actions.

    I suppose it's a judgement call, Joe.


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