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You Can Drive a New Ferrari!!!

Vanity has a place in everyone's life, and there's nothing wrong with that. Though there's a fine line between vivacious vanity and vicious vice, there is a difference, and life would be pretty dang boring if we couldn't pursue lofty wants and desires.

For most of us guys, those daydream desires tend to be cars, flashy, shiny sports cars. Men have essentially two friends in life--the remote control to the living room television and that penis-like gearshift lever on his car! They call out to him, speaking to his outer-self—the one that comes out when his mind isn't cluttered with bills and other vulture-like responsibilities of being.

The sight of them, of those jagged edges and streamline designs, they speak to the vanity-loving, hair-combing side of man. The sight of shiny chrome and well-waxed paint, and the purring hum of a revving engine, imaging those potent cylinders pumping - pumping like you would the right lady at the right time - that's what sets some …