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Remembering Our Brotherhood

In a thoughtless effort during leisure time at my parent’s house the other day, I reached randomly for a book lying on the living room coffee table. My choices were limited; there were two family picture albums, a few of dad’s guitar magazines, and adjacent to those, a rather thick book of extremely old binding. In a faded font, the words “Class of ‘56” were embroidered on the front of it. It was one of my father’s school yearbooks.

With a soft curiosity, I pick it up and carelessly flip through the pages. After only a minute of hasty scanning, I find I am strangely touched by what I see.I only know one of these kids – and that man is the man I call father – but most bewilderingly, I want to cry at the sight of these kids. The yellowed pages with slightly crooked black and white pictures, and the spotty typewriter-style captions underneath them call out to me in a puzzling way. Staring straight into my eyes with each turn of a page are pictures of beautiful children, children now grown…