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How Far We've Come

Call it a late birthday present. After a day of rest, I awaken, hoping to do something fun on my remaining off-days before the workweek resumes. I head out to my cousin's ranch, a nice 630 acres of wild delight. Not knowing what we plan to do or how we will spend our time, I bring a case of booze and a laptop. I arrive, we talk, eat, I plug my notebook in and begin to crank out some articles, but for some reason, I don't feel like writing. I want to head outside and appreciate the savory country atmosphere while I'm in it. So after some prodding, my cousin and I both headed outside.

Away from the overcast reflection of big city lights, out here the skies at night are dark but contrasted by the brilliant and piercing beams of starlight, with the spiral aura of the distant galaxy in the background. With crystal clarity, it can all be seen. A trash pile still burning a ways off, we walk through the half-fallen, rusty gate that leads out to the open pasture. The thick, moist ai…