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The Mystery of the Dark Tunnels; a renouncement of superstition

I may have been a wee ten years old at the time, but I’d seen evil before, and it was only a few paces from my backyard! Sloping down from my property was the drainage ditch, the paved entrance that led to the three tunnels, those scary, dark halls that ran beneath the overpass. I finally got the guts to approach them, some 600 yards down that secluded path, away from view of the busy neighborhood streets. One tunnel was sealed off by a huge piece of plywood with steel bars across it. I couldn’t budge it, but the other two were wide open. The corridors stretched for almost a mile. At places, little slivers of light peered in from up above, hitting the ground and illuminating dried patches of mud. The damp air, the dripping water, an almost overpowering smell of hot asphalt and tar, a demonic presence afloat—I don’t know how I made it through the first one, but I did! It was the longer of the two that I couldn’t conquer. There abode the presence of pure evil!

I tried to cross it many ti…

The Days of Innocence

My brother and I used to play a game every Saturday morning. The game was called, The Two Men in Bed. Every Saturday morning, we would jump out of our beds and into mom and dads’. Mom and dad would always be up by then, doing chores around the house, but we kids loved to sleep in on Saturdays like every self-respecting grade-schooler does while watching cartoons. I was seven and brother was four. Boy, did we have fun!

We took a videogame joystick from our Atari 2600 and put it on the bed. We tucked ourselves under the covers and pretended we were two wealthy men who were crippled and had a special bed built for us. Instead of a wheelchair, it was a “wheelbed”! This bed would drive us around town anywhere we wanted to go…to the store, on top secret missions, across deserts and forests...absolutely anywhere. We drove the bed with the joystick, of course, and underneath the covers was an underground compartment where we kept all our possessions and food.

Mom would always be cooking in the…